Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Year 2.34

Year 2.34 was mostly stable. On Monday I took two young adults out for lunch but it was drizzling. A friend from SF failed to show up for a three people dinner, so I cancelled to get more rest. At the office Buddy sprained his ankle badly and the next day the doctor said he had fractured his leg.

Day 2 morning was spent at the Chinese chiropractor. His client was late, so he worked two hours on me for a hefty $1200 bill, plus another $240 for medication! The jump the last two weeks was from $300 to $600 and then to$1200!

Wednesday group leaders irked me. Some said nobody covered me to volunteer and pound said I can let go. Late noon was language meeting. As usual my role was to solve problems, so far so good in airing things out. At night I did a wedding rehearsal but things were whacky because the groom got the time wrong.

Day 4 morning was breakfast with USA friend who was a badminton enthusiast. I rushed to get lunch for buddy with two coworkers, buying lunch for him and wife. We stayed till 4pm. At night I had impromptu hotpot dinner at home with guest Benny and USA friend.

On Friday i took over buddy's sermon group as he was resting his feet at home. All were glad to be dismissed half an hour later. At night after dinner with in-law I returned home tired, skipping fellowship.

Day 6 was department lunch and meeting. All went well under new leadership, which I am pleased. At noon buddy asked if I could do benediction for him since the two pastors were sick. At night I received news of disciplinary problems to deal with the next day.

The next day's first Sunday school got off to a roaring start. The students were excited, but they moan knowing there's no apple app for 文法聖經. The English sermon response was good. The discipline meeting was ok. At night we had dinner with a coworker's wife who returned from USA cancer treatment.

Thank you Jesus.

January 16, 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Year 2.33

Year 2.32 was a joyous yet moving week. On Monday morning I attended church's early morning worship where I was touched singing the last song. I had mostly recovered but still missed Doris in the new year.

Day 2 After work on new year  I rested in the morning. My sermon on Philipians 1 was coming and I had to make progress because core meetings and responsibilities slowed all my work down.

Wednesday morning I went to see a Chinese chiropractor. At noon there was a lot of wear and tear solving and separating two opposing  forces, but there is hope and progress. At night I attended an English meeting presentation.

Day 4 I woke up to a dream of Doris who wanted to look for a job somewhere else. Not much had changed with her. On my part in the dream I was trying to coordinate everything, including chores and where to meet. Thursday lunch was with American friend who played badminton at church.

On Friday fellowship returned and I attended the big group opening. The biggest thing tjat night was getting ready to debut文法聖經 on play store at midnight but the first download was seven minutes before the next day. I was emotional thinking of her.

Day 6 was budget vetting followed by lunch with attendees. At night was fellowship and I was sentimental too. Saturday was Doris' birthday too, so shedding tears was inevitable.

Sunday's Philipians 1 sermon was unexpectedly powerful, as powerful as Ecclesiastes 1. Two wanted the ppt. It was emotional twice overas my mentee preached an excellent message earlier, probably his last here. At night I joined an American friend for dinner.

January 9, 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Year 2.32

Year 2.32 ended year 2017. Monday was Christmas day. I invited four youth fellowship members to lunch at Tsing Yi, then walked the outdoors before ending with drinks at McDonald's from noon till 4pm. It was enough to sleep soundly the moment I got home.

Day 2 began with coffee at Tung Chung before visiting with a nearby coworker a former deacon at hospital. The patient had pneumonia but was in high spirits. At night Some had dinner with me and two coworkers.

On Wednesday I had a dream of taking the fall and bearing the brunt for our group since I am single now, but a sense of injustice seeped in later, not sure if others would advocate for me. Later I realized I do not have to volunteer because another leader is single too. I listened to an intern's sermon before I attended a language meeting.

Day 4 My regular hand treatment was canceled because of holidays so I was worried because my right thumb hurt. I decided to go the Thai restaurant nearby since the office was quiet after the holidays. At night I finished my last major corrections for 文法聖經。

 Friday's night fellowship was canceled, so I went to office earlier to work on next week's sermon, hoping to finish off the stubborn last point. At home I started to do some cleaning before the day was over because most of my writing can wait since theapp is done. Surprisingly Some sent a recommendation for my book.

Day 6 I went to a Chinese doctor to see why my thumb upper section is hurting and they told me I have long short hand, and so they twisted me like a chiropractor. At least I don't hurt anymore in the thumb but my elbow was sore. At night I went with Doris' Kingston friends for dinner and pictures. My mentor sent a beautiful recommendation for my new book.

Sunday was extremely busy because of a langauge party. After I went home a brother bought me fruits that I gave half generously away. Sunday was lots of cleaning and disposing on new year's eve and I slept earlier for next days 7am new year service.

Here are the year's highlights:
January New year dinners with friends
February high blood pressure diagnosis
March partial recovery
April 求祢使我痊愈 published
May Shanghai memory trip
June introduced candidate to Rev Lo
July first putonghua typhoon broad last
August Sam concert, new glasses and phone
September Kings book finished
October recovery
November Israel trip
December 文法聖經debut

January 2, 2018

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Year 2.31

Year 2.31 was a blessed week dreaming of Doris. On Monday I had a weeks training using Zoom to broadcast to 23 students overseas. It started at a cautious pace, unsure what it entails. At noon I could do some writing, but mostly it was a quiet affair as my buddies are on holiday.

Day 2 was another day of broadcast. Because the classes are mainly in the morning the students have to make a lot of ground. I cannot go easy on them. The rest of the day was work day as usual.

On Wednesday I had to forsake my morning swim because the students prefer ending classes earlier. The earlier time enabled me to attend a core meeting. After a brief rest I attended a language meeting and the rest of the noon slipped away in futility. At night I attended a leaders' meeting till 1130pm.

On Day 4 besides broadcasting I rushed to get my hair cut to remember Doris' loss the next day. I even get to have lunch with coworkers. It was a half day, so I had my hand treated.

On Friday i dreamed of  Doris. It was a sweet moment. She was the same as she was. This time she wanted to choose a country to reside in, if there is such a place as Trojan that appears in my dream. At noon our department had lunch for a coworker's birthday.

Day 6 The broadcast was over. The day was just as long with fellowship party at night. The good thing was my neck was healing as I could sideways to look around. At night I received the wonderful news that all corrections were made to Grammar Bible

On Sunday I dreamed of a man who looked like my father and I got his email. Maybe I am looking for family ties. The day wasn't uneventful. I had to read a group apology statement, attend youth party, then Filipino gathering. At night I had American friends at a company dinner for three. On eve of Christmas I sent out to friends the web link for Grammar Bible http://bible.ryl.hk/web_v1/
as a Christmas gift!

December 26, 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

Year 2.30

Year 2.30 was a blessed week dreaming of Doris. On Monday I went to Sheung Wan where we ate BBQ rice and bought some inexpensive winter clothing after lunch, including Cowboys and Mavericks caps for twenty bucks each and fleece for forty.

Day 2 began with a call from the publishers office, confirming my book 再向苦路行 will be released. I could not be happier with Doris' last Lent devotions ready for debut. At noon I had a last minute dental appointment which I was grateful for despite the unease. At night I had dinner at a neighbor coworkers place, followed by another neighbors hand treatment for me.

Wednesday was murder with vetting from 10am to 330pm. The only good thing was skipping another overlapping noon meeting. At least there was peace. The only thing to do was to get a destress drink after.

Day 4 I had a visitor that was a whiner over many petty things such as chairs. In life there are many struggles and setbacks but infighting makes the devil happiest.

On Friday i changed my language office hours to today to free up more space there. At noon I was requested to accompany a person to report a case. It took me to hours and they another five hours. At least they can breathe easier now.

Day 6 I have a wonderful dream of living in a hotel with Doris when she announced last minute she wanted to eat at Oz dairy company on the day we checked out the hospital. I suggested we go with there and later return for our luggages. At night we had a wonderful fellowship Christmas.

Sunday I attended a language worship before returning to putonghua worship, followed by baptism at 3pm. At night Doris' Canadian friend visited and we went out for dinner with Doris' sister. It was a long week but the dream made up for everything.

December 19, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Year 2.29

Year 2.29 was a cold week in more ways than one. On Monday I was cheered by lunch with buddies, buying flowers and group prayer. At night I devoured relatives supply of food. After that I enjoyed my first Monday night workout since joining the gym 

Day 2 I started my new division week at ICC, sitting in the office to make my presence felt. I was happily surprised by the work with Nepalese moms at the center by another group. It gave me new inspiration to work with more ethnic groups locally. I ducked out during the break to give moms more privacy. I
was invited to lunch last minute by the pastor.

Wednesday began with 8am breakfast meeting. Next I attended my first prayer meeting in my new task and it turned out to be a thankless and tiring schedule eating into my Sunday sermon preparation no welcome lunch could compensate. After lunch I have my first  language meeting. The folks leading take a long way to get things done. The previous coordinator introduced me to little effect, so change is slow and sullen.

Day 4 morning was a return to normalcy. Later I found one or two useful illustrations, so I am happy. My hand treatment turned into head rubs on the bumps from my cold and the stiff and strained neck.

On Friday I was almost done with sermon preparation but loose ends were plenty. At night I had dinner with my app support and fellowship Thanksgiving but I was too tired to enjoy, leaving home midway.

Day 6 I attended couples Thanksgiving after noon and fellowship at night, and in-between I texted my publisher who agreed to print my next book 再向苦路行.  I left fellowship early to wait for my friend Jon who will stay a short overnight at my place. We had supper at a new place in TY as I showed him the Grammar Bible app. I suddenly thought I gave the wrong file to my app support, but it turned out the system itself withdrew all the vp participles.

Sunday's sermon turned out to be shorter than I thought, ending ten minutes early. Then I joined a group for dim sum. The town hall voting ended in good spirits. A bunch of us went out for drinks. At night as I was having dinner with a new friend, news filtered in that the vote was passed favorably. Praise God, let us hope we have turned a page on the past.

December 12, 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Year 2.28

Year 2.28 is the last week of the Israel trip. On Monday we returned to Jerusalem. One of the highlights of the two days there was visiting the Wailing Wall. I could not help but weep both times my hands touched the wall thinking of losing Doris and my life as a whole. There was much thanksgiving and tears. A new friend Lewis joined the trip

On Day 2 seven skipped the days plan due sickness. That was when I realized to thank God for all sorts of small back, head and neck ailments that cleared up in time. I made it through the trip with just a chilled head from air-conditioning on the way to Israel that cleared up by taking a Nyquil Jon offered.

On Wednesday it was time to leave. The security was predictably horrible. I was glad I got an aisle seat last minute. The return flight was pleasant with Wonder Woman and Fury Road for company to choose from the top. The ten hours flight was over in no time.

On Day 4 I arrived home. I had a colleague visitor Jon overnight at my place but leaving for USA next day. The most I got from the trip besides the scenes must be befriending Jon. He's the only one who can see the revolutionary impact of the Grammar Bible. We checked out Salvation Army camp and had Vietnamese dinner before calling it a day - he in the living room.

On Friday I had breakfast with John. Thankfully I was back to work one day earlier than expected because of my miscalculation but I had lots to do. My new division budget is still not done. At night I had dinner with Doris' sister, bearing two crosses for two sisters.

Day 6 began with a head massage that I needed to counter the sinuses on my head, at least I think so. The day was the start of my new division.I had to skip the stadium gospel event to lead Bible study but it was a solid one. At night I was invited to a Mei Foo BBQ that I almost forgot to attend.

On Sunday I went to my first ICC worship followed by English worship. The latter has potential while the former needs work. The speaker Tim was great! The noon twon hall special event was fraught with tension. At night I ate food relatives gave.

December 5, 2017

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Year 2.27

Year 2.27 is spent in Israel. Lunch was with buddies before I board the plane at 430pm. Praise God, my stiff neck did not bother me anymore. I met up with the Taiwan team at the airport.The airlines staff noticed my glasses and a L.A. visitor said, Your glasses is cool! Israel airlines service was terrible. There were few movies on the screen and the movies do not begin from the start. The only two movies I saw were the new spiderman and A family man. The twelve hour flight was murder. We arrived past midnight.

Day 2 was the occasion of Doris' loss for one and a half years. I sent a short quote of hers to friends to remember her. The second day in Israel was in full swing. We were in Caesarea and visited Nazareth. The first impression of this ancient city was very nice. I really liked the hotel that was by the Sea of Galilee. Four of us took a stroll by the neighborhood at night.

By Wednesday I noticed my face was already rounder with all the buffet. Capernaum was a good visit though by now all pictures are the same. Taking a short boat ride in the Sea of Galilee was meaningful. I regret not buying a polo shirt on board.

Day 4 Megiddo was breathtaking. The land was spacious for the final battle on the last day, within reach of Israel's various neighbors. Visiting the ungodly high places of Samaria, especially Dan, was like stepping into history. The idolatry and idols were not limited to the northern kingdom, but also the pagan practices of Israel's enemies.

On Friday as we passed Israel's immigration, a lady inside the office booth said to me, You have cool glasses! We crossed over to Sinai to be greeted by the news of the slaughter of 300 Sufis in their mosque earlier in the day. Our immigration stop in the late afternoon was delayed subsequently by an hour and a half because of the presence of 17 Americans in our team, so we were accompanied by a local police in our bus for our safety.

Day 6 The trip to Mount Sinai was arduous. I rode a camel up at 2am but slipped on my side after I dismounted the mountain halfway to the top. The next half up the steps was hardship but we reached there to watch the beautiful sunrise. The way down the hill bottom was ugly as I stubbed my big left toe endless times in rock, causing it to turn blue. We headed back to Israel after breakfast. The food and economy of Egypt is much inferior to Israel.  Night massage helped. A young man Jeff sent me the first version of Grammar Bible app that will debut next year!, I couldn't wait!

On Sunday we had a short worship followed by lunch in a busy downtown hotel and a stroll in the streets of Jerusalem. Later we went to the Dead Sea where I floated in the buoyant waters  with Paul and Jon. After that I covered myself in the black mud, the only person in our team to do so. Praise God, the trip so far was most meaningful, memorable and pleasurable.

November 28, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Year 2.26

I write this post on exactly Week 26 of Year 2, one and a half years without Doris. On Monday morning I was given a good 45 minutes workout by a neighbor friend a the club gym. Later I went with a good buddy for lunch at Prince Edward and got lilies for Doris. Later I had prayer with two friends.

Day 2 was nervous division interview day. I woke up with a headache on the right side for a change, possibly from pressure. I did not have to answer any questions by coworkers and the vote passed. Tea treat was mine. At night we had men's fellowship, attended by nine brothers for the study of Gideon.

On Wednesday the headache was bigger and I soon got a stiff neck. Lunch was with buddy and MOS to know more about the latter's work. The leaders' interview went well with only a friendly question  from friend Stephen.

Day 4 I had lunch with a USA friend and his wife who were in town. Evening could not come fast enough for my hand massage that turned out to be head massage. The neck and shoulder were sore too. The treatment ended early as I went with my USA friend and wife to have dinner and send them off. We exchanged 500 USA dollars.

Friday was my last meeting with pth staff as I assume LCD. For lunch we celebrated R birthday. Dinner was with relatives who changed more USA money for me for my Monday Israel trip.

Day 6 was the longest day. 11am LCD was followed by noon lunch, then two hours pre prestudy, and another hour of prestudy. I had a short tea with buddy and wife before an enjoyable study of Psalm 13 at fellowship.

Sunday sermon of Psalm 5 went well. A lady shared with me her husband needs help, so I asked a person to help out. I had lunch with a USA friend and a hk deacon before a bald shave by a good buddy before next day travel. At night village neighbor invited me for dinner but I received a panic call about a USA moody friend. We texted. After dinner and talk we walked a full round of the island.

November 22, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Year 2.25

Year 2.25 week was a good normal week for me. On Monday I met a neighbor at the gym who offered on the spot to help my body alignment . He was quite effective. Next I had  breakfast with my coworker Tom who had moved to the island three days ago. The rest of the day was at wui wo  retreat.

Day 2. The retreat went well, ending after lunch. On the bus home I talked to Some about adding a new workers to our department. On the way home we six had coffee at tung chung on the way back. At night I cooked dinner for my neighbor family whose mother is on a mission trip.

On Wednesday my neck suffered a sprain as I swam in the morning. It was a bad one with lumps on my head.my neck suffered a sprain as I swam in the morning. It was a bad one with lumps on my head. For breakfast I met a friend who has been offered to pastor a college town. Good for him but not for church development of her young pastors

Day 4 my physical problems spread to my back when I sneezed in the morning and my back was sprained too, making me very uncomfortable the whole day. At night I had a friend who worked in my head bumps. He gave me a thorough head rubbing and the lumps were less swollen.

On Friday I worked with a buddy on his pth sermon. At first he was reluctant but later he asked for for a double check on his pronunciation. I met my Indonesian counterpart but I told him my position is not fixed yet, so it ended early because he's still got a lot to do. At night a neighbor offered to work on my hand again after a months break. I felt embarrassed but he insisted.

On Saturday I had department meeting, talked with a coworker about an ex schoolmate and then attended 1111. At night I was invited to have dinner with Raymond and Sandra Shen who gave a marvelous music fest at night.

On Sunday buddy delivered a good message. I had to attend two prayer meetings, love HK and church prayer, where I met a young man who graduated from. Indiana at the prayer meeting. After heading home for a rest I went out for dinner with a friend returning to Chicago. At night the locksmith repaired my lock and door frame. Later I took Tylenol for a headache before sleeping.

Nov 14, 2017