Friday, May 25, 2018

Year 2.52 Last week was a time of tears as I finalized this on the second anniversary of my beloved Doris' loss. Tears flooded my eyes last Monday morning as I had time to read what her Macau students wrote to her when they visited her urn on Saturday at home. I had M burgers for lunch with another buddy at church garage. After lunch I prayed with my buddies and A bound to Canada. After that I sent my mentor Herman off to USA after three months at ABS. They shocked me with six luggages for two people.

Day 2 Two sermon groups asked me to meet after coworkers meeting. Gal. 6 grroup met half an hour while the other just passed notes. I just wanted it done asap because the quality is so so. At night I had dinner with Jacob and family at his residence.

On Wednesday I had morning appointment with chiropractor who worked satisfactorily on my numbed left leg. Then our department had lunch with a birthday staff. Night leaders meeting ended before 11pm for the first time.

Day 4 I am working feverishly on my revised marketplace book to give Doris a present on her second anniversary loss. I was in good shape with the self imposed deadline. After half day work I went for hand treatment.

Friday was a relaxing day because there was no night fellowship. SDD leader called for a last minute meeting to collect church resources, so I was one of his sought volunteeers, no escape but I limited the meeting to one hour.

Day 6 was emotional for me. I kept thinking of my beloved wife off and on. Night was calm because fellowship was cancelled for another event. At night I did prayer walk but no stretching, as chiropractor warned.

Sunday was emotional from the get go. My tears on MTR was interrupted by familiar faces who asked many questions. Language worship also brought tears with a song我要永永远远愛着耶稣. The language baptism for three was at Tuen Mun followed by dinner with three youths at my place, where we shared our prayers. Thank God for their company.

May 22, 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Year 2.51

Year 2.51 means the second anniversary of Doris' loss is just one week away only! On Monday I had lunch with my neighbor and his wife. Life is full of surprises. A Canada friend audioed me to to say that a neighbor of mine i have been praying for daily and had immigrated to Canada is now attending his church in Canada.  Later I had chiropractor treatment after two months' absence. At night I attended buddy's couples fellowship anniversary.

Day 2 meeting did not turn out well and most were flat. The backfire was hard to take with younger ones taking it to heart and wanting their say. At night eight surpringly attended men's fellowship, the most to date in the year. One stayed over.

On Wednesday morning I woke to a dream of Doris. Last week I prayed for a dream for the coming anniversary, so I am content. She was in a very good shape wearing a white T-shirt and sky blue shorts while packing a lunch box for the next day. Breakfast was with a youth. At the office had 18 short audios in the morning to reply while working on a sermon. Later I attended the leaders' meeting while working furiously on my PC. I managed to get my point across why a co-worker failed to attend. My day was almost gone after the meeting, so I bypassed next meeting.

My hand treatment was cancelled, so I laid back and had coffee downstairs in the morning. At least I have been consistent with night prayer walk.

Friday came by and my voice was slowly recovering. I had dinner with Doris' sister and her husband before fellowship.

Day 6 began with a 10am bank signing, lunch with language director and meeting with other department. I finally sent all 200 photos to my video angel to make Doris video for her anniversary. All went well  and I stayed behind for a short fellowship at night. It was wonderful to see pth C back again after a six months' absence.

Sunday kicked off with my first AGLT class and the response from the 67 students were strong. I also attended the language worship followed by English worship, then lunch with youth, drinks with two coworkers, dinner with youth because Yao remembered Doris with flowers and vase, how sweet!

May 15, 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Year 2.50

Year 2.50 was a full blown health crisis avoided. On Monday the final right toe nail injured from descending Mt. Sinai fell off, ending a five month red toe crisis. I took Herman and Eleanor for lunch so that Mrs Tang can enjoy the flowers at nearby Flower Market. They bought a small pot of roses for Doris. My other buddy joined us for dessert.

Day 2 I woke to a dream of my buddy crying with red eyes due to a house financial crisis. I comforted him the best I could, saying It's OK.  We had a Labor Day retreat at Tao Feng where the speaker Keith did a good job. My cough kicked off big time due to air conditioner. A few of us had a good noodles dinner at Shatin on the way back. I slept a few hours immediately before sunset.

Wednesday was a leaders meeting where everything went awry with my voice almost disappearing. There was no rest because Sunday was sermon day. I did a feedback for my other coworker. Again I slept a few more hours returning home and ate all thee medicine coworkers provided, from herbal tea, vitamin C, 龍角散 etc.

I met Douglas to talk about how my marketplace book was doing and all went well. Hopefully it'll be published by years end. At night I gave a talk at Thursday Bible study.

Friday was a frantic rush hour to complete the sermon, but the introduction had to wait. I had dinner with relatives but did not attend fellowship because I was still not well.

On Day 6 I managed to write the introduction and did prestudy for my buddy's fellowship, then attended pth fellowship thinking of leaving soon but a couples leader requested help on Psalms 80.

Sunday morning began with a meeting for seminary students and a sponsor. The sermon went as good as it could with me under the weather. Ordination was late afternoon and I had dinner with youth. The week was also emotional because of Doris' pending second anniversary of loss.

May 8, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Year 2.49

Year 2.49 was not good for my health. On Monday I took my brother and his wife plus a youth to Morning tea but I was annoyed with my brother's inappropriate remarks to others. Later we headed to the fruit market followed by high tea at tsing yi. I finished the first version of OT Grammar Bible in a month, which was a lot of work. Now I hand it to three youths to edit for v2.

Day 2 my brother and wife headed home. Regardless he was fun to be with. He also left a cold with me. Sunday sermon was coming fast, so I had to work doubly hard. A friend had a meeting meltdown with Some, so I had dinner to console the person.

On Wednesday morning I had breakfast with a pth guy and asked him if he could give support to seminary youngsters. Next I attended a leaders meeting that ended on time. I was so glad because I was behind due morning breakfast and our meeting. At night the Tuesday person was mad at me for asking questions, but most did not see the questions as problems.

Day 4 morning I received a call from a USA guy who is having marital and property problems with his wife and wanted to move to the island. I had to cancel my doctor's appointment for my cough to meet with the person. My hand treatment went well.

On Friday morning I saw a doctor who gave me some ineffective medication. We had a department meeting and annual feedback with a co-worker. We didn't have couples fellowship, so I left early. 

Day 6 was a noisy day at the office due renovation.    I went with others to the library to escape the noise. There was no other fellowship due to retreat next Tuesday.

Sunday my throat was still inflamed but the sermon went well One youth accepted Christ. I did youth feedback and event home for a nap from the cold and had dinner with the youth.

May 1, 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Year 2.48

Year 2.48 means we are into the last month of Doris' second year of loss. Monday was breakfast with a former coworker Augustine, followed by flower day as usual. Not to lose momentum I worked on OT Grammar Bible version 1 on my day off, to finish my part in a week's time.

Day 2 Next week's sermon is not there yet. We had a briefing that did not go well, so all were on tender hooks for a while. Immediately young men responded doubtfully.

On Wednesday I had the usual weekly language meeting. So far things are on schedule.Dinner was with a leader to see how we could lead our division. Joint leaders meeting ended past midnight, so I had to take 1230am bus home.

Day 4 I woke to a dream that Doris and I were  chosen as space occupants with my buddy in a two story capsule subdivided four slices each level. At night
my brother David and wife arrived from KL, so life was interesting. We had dinner at Tsing Yi that night.

On Friday I took half a day off to take my brother and wife around. First two buddies and Wei Seng had breakfast with him to share the gospel, but David declined accepting Christ but at least he did not immediately decline unlike before. Then I took them to walk Central tourist spots before I returned to work.

On Saturday I woke to a dream of shaing a rubber floater with my brother when we were stranded and giving one to his wife, but he thought his wife had none, so he wanted to give his to her. I left my brother morning at home with a coffee card because I had a division feedback meeting, had an 11am haircut for tomorrows special day, then joined lunch with brother and wife at Simply Life and returned to do a prestudy ppt presentation. I joined thesenior couples for Night fellowship.

Sunday was a challenge. Besides doing feedback I had a drink with my division coleader, then joined my brother to buy flowers for Doris 23rd month of loss, ending with high tea in PE restaurant.

April 24, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Year 2.47

Year 2.47 was puzzling to my mind. On Monday I dreamed of looking at  a center page big store Dept leather shoes ads, to which Doris said, Yes you've got to go to big Dept store if you want to buy good shoes. Surprisingly I felt released and found joy, peace and freedom instead. Late afternoon I had prayer with my buddies and dinner with village neighbor.

Day 2 was the usual run of the mill, helter skelter juggling a few sermons and talks but for my coworker to chase me for  May's sermon outline. Lunch was with a coworker we are trying to persuade to join ESC. Honestly I feel there is more to achieve at LCD and many are under achieving and ignorant of their potential, not that I am any different. I attended missional discipleship talk. Night was men fellowship which J2 and DS attended.

Wednesday was leaders' meeting that ended at 1pm. We scheduled May 5 to recruit more leaders. For once we could have lunch together. Language meeting was smooth going too. I was also touched by Kwok family's love for their comatose son and brother.

Day 4 was lunch with coworker whose relative passed away. There were things we could share, on my part answering questions for the person's mental health. At evening I had hand treatment.

Friday was lunch with a USA retired pastor but it was uneasy because he was asking questions and gathering information more than catching up and enjoying friendship. For dinner I met a former student from Mount in town for a tour and gave him seven books, all I wrote, then joined fellowship in time.

Day 6 was home fellowship and I joined the single spouse group and talked to an intern about his future direction and attempt to coax a person to be fellowship to be chair.

On Sunday I listened to an American Korean, took pictures with baptism candidates and joined another family fellowship for food and singing. I brought J2 for his voice.

April 17, 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Year 2.46

Year 2.46 was an emotional week for me. On Easter Monday I went to elements for coffee like we used to do. On they home I ate taiwan noodles at tsing yi, rested before I head for home made dumplings with youth at prince Edward.

Day 2 was a slow day at the office. I was back to work but I had to catch up due to a lost day of work on Monday. One week from now is men's fellowship, bit I have yet to write questions on 1 Sam 12.

On Wednesday I took morning off so I don't have to attend informal meetings. Language group has a meeting and I ended the meeting with prayer. Doris' sisters came by a day before Ching Ming and found some of her old notes that I read at night. Ck spent a day with me.

Day 4 was another holiday, so I spent lunch with ck, then headed to Prince Edward to buy flowers for Doris on this big day. I started feeling emotional yesterday, so it was good for me to buy flowers for her.

On. Friday a buddy gave me Shanghai red bean snacks that I shared with all. Night was fellowship talk after dinner with relatives. The talk was well received with little time to kill in between.

Day 6 was CDR after lunch with couples core. I was asked of I would attend prestudy which I said every other month so new coworkers can shine. Saturday was hard for me as I was challenged to check why I serve.

Sunday was hard for me as I hosted a birthday for three youth. Tears flowed freely as we sang a song 耶和華的心 that touched me a day earlier:
It is a song of trust and thanksgiving amidst trials  and tribulations.

April 10, 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Year 2.45

Year. 2.45 was a good Easter week. On Monday I had flour noodles with JJ. As usual I bought flowers for Doris and the quiet day was a good rest for me. This week I started working on the Shunammite woman of 2 Kings 4, which is quite a difficult passage.

Day 2 was back to work for me, which is okay after a restful week.  I took the opportunity to work on the synopsis of Acts because I did not have any students I taught doing it, so I had no references. The three themes of witnessing, preach and kingdombof god stood out.

Wednesday was biweekly meeting, so I had to forego pth retreat. We has a simple farewell for a language coworker. A night dinner with a neighbor leaving the island was cancelled because they were too busy.

Day 4 I was happy finally mailing my tax papers to my USA accountant. My hand treatment was cancelled because the person is in Taiwan for a holiday.

Good Friday was a holiday but we had service with Lord's Supper.  At night I had BBQ with buddy and Kwan, ending with taking the 1230am bus home.

Day 6 I woke up to a dream of Doris doing devotions. I slept in, had breakfast, did some writing and slept again. Late nights are not good for me.

Sunday was a big day. I had breakfast with language director to compare notes. My English Philippians 2 was well received. Lunch was with ESC. We had youth BBQ and prayer from 330-9pm.

March 2, 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Year 2.44

Year 2.44 was an exciting week. Monday began with free buffet from Taiwan Hyatt. I had my fill of American breakfast with sausages and discovered carrot juice was delicious. Later we used the VIP lounge as I continued working on Judah and Tamar. Lunch was with Paul as we strolled around 101 area and had coffee at Shin Kong. Dinner was at lounge as ABCK gave reasons why I should leave as is.

Day 2 was breakfast as usual and I was able to finish my Tamar sermon inspired by a lady who asked me at the last day of pth revivals (Mar 9, 2018) if I have a book on ladies study. For lunch we went to Ximen for beef noodles but it's more like mongkok. We came back for a short nap before seeing Black Panther where T'challa's scenes with his deceased father brought to me tears and memories of Doris and my dad. At night over free dinner ABCK insisted I should work on OT 文法, which was easier said than done, but I love my coworkers and fellow pastors.

After a short Wednesday breakfast I was headed to the airport but the hours ride was tough on the bladders. I almost caught an earlier flight back but returned home 3pm and church 4pm. The leaders meeting ended past midnight and I could only catch 1:15am bus home.

Day 4 was sleep in, but late nights are bad for the body. Lunch was with USA visitor Alan. I started working on Philippians 2 sermon and another on the Philippians conclusion for Sunday school. Later I left for hand treatment.

On Friday morning I had to squeeze in another USA visitor Kwan breakfast. I finished my notes for last class of Philippians. I started working on OT 文法 after friend Ben sent the completed materials to me last night (March 22nd). At Friday fellowship I joined John's for a short dinner.

Day 6 I had to skip prestudy I was not leading so as to focus on Acts conclusion which I did in record breaking time from several weeks of thinking. At night I attended fellowship as usual.

Sunday's Philippians class ended with pictures. My sermon on Philippians 2 was well received. I unleashed my thoughts for the noon interview and the two ladies had a good time. they said. I was so tired I took a two hour nap.

March 27, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Year 2.43

Year 2.43 ended with a surprise. On Monday I had lunch with two youths at our favorite BBQ restaurant in sheung wan. Then we head to the Sun Yat Sun museum, which was eye-opening. Back at church AH and I prayed.

Day 2 I had to do a talk on   Peer Support to Prevent Burnout. The talk turned out well, but I am happy to free my time for other talks. Besides I had to get going on next week's message on Philippians 2.

Wednesday began with  breakfast where a man told me a story of how his yacht was struck by lightning to change his name to Jacob. I then visited a friend who texted me for help to move overseas. Later at a leaders' meeting we got sort out who's doing what with many sick or injured lately. At night I picked up a colleague who asked me to join him in Taiwan for a free holiday. I hesitated but hilariously bumped into a good USA friend at HK airport who was heading to Taiwan too, so I decided to go with them! The iOS version of 文法聖經 debuted with my ABCK friend's hand as my model.

Day 4 I had breakfast with the USA friend I bumped into yesterday and did some writing before I headed to church. I got hand treatment.

On Friday my mentor Herman was in town. He'll be at ABS over two months. At night I led a short devotion on the last of three messages on Barnabas.

Day 6 I woke up to a dream of Doris, who asked Why are you not folding your undergarments? Lunch was with Lo from Canada and his successor. I was so behind with next week's message that I skipped prestudy led by another person. At night I joined young families fellowship and heard a testimony by Jas.

Sunday was second last Sunday class followed by sermon at North point. Reluctantly I wore sneakers because I was heading to Taiwan to join my friends last minute for HK$2k. On the plane I saw Hacksaw Ridge. My USA friend took me to Shin Yeh near Hyatt where we stayed. A grand meal followed by coffee at eslite ended the day.

Mar 20, 2018