Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Year 2.26

I write this post on exactly Week 26 of Year 2, one and a half years without Doris. On Monday morning I was given a good 45 minutes workout by a neighbor friend a the club gym. Later I went with a good buddy for lunch at Prince Edward and got lilies for Doris. Later I had prayer with two friends.

Day 2 was nervous division interview day. I woke up with a headache on the right side for a change, possibly from pressure. I did not have to answer any questions by coworkers and the vote passed. Tea treat was mine. At night we had men's fellowship, attended by nine brothers for the study of Gideon.

On Wednesday the headache was bigger and I soon got a stiff neck. Lunch was with buddy and MOS to know more about the latter's work. The leaders' interview went well with only a friendly question  from friend Stephen.

Day 4 I had lunch with a USA friend and his wife who were in town. Evening could not come fast enough for my hand massage that turned out to be head massage. The neck and shoulder were sore too. The treatment ended early as I went with my USA friend and wife to have dinner and send them off. We exchanged 500 USA dollars.

Friday was my last meeting with pth staff as I assume LCD. For lunch we celebrated R birthday. Dinner was with relatives who changed more USA money for me for my Monday Israel trip.

Day 6 was the longest day. 11am LCD was followed by noon lunch, then two hours pre prestudy, and another hour of prestudy. I had a short tea with buddy and wife before an enjoyable study of Psalm 13 at fellowship.

Sunday sermon of Psalm 5 went well. A lady shared with me her husband needs help, so I asked a person to help out. I had lunch with a USA friend and a hk deacon before a bald shave by a good buddy before next day travel. At night village neighbor invited me for dinner but I received a panic call about a USA moody friend. We texted. After dinner and talk we walked a full round of the island.

November 22, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Year 2.25

Year 2.25 week was a good normal week for me. On Monday I met a neighbor at the gym who offered on the spot to help my body alignment . He was quite effective. Next I had  breakfast with my coworker Tom who had moved to the island three days ago. The rest of the day was at wui wo  retreat.

Day 2. The retreat went well, ending after lunch. On the bus home I talked to Some about adding a new workers to our department. On the way home we six had coffee at tung chung on the way back. At night I cooked dinner for my neighbor family whose mother is on a mission trip.

On Wednesday my neck suffered a sprain as I swam in the morning. It was a bad one with lumps on my head.my neck suffered a sprain as I swam in the morning. It was a bad one with lumps on my head. For breakfast I met a friend who has been offered to pastor a college town. Good for him but not for church development of her young pastors

Day 4 my physical problems spread to my back when I sneezed in the morning and my back was sprained too, making me very uncomfortable the whole day. At night I had a friend who worked in my head bumps. He gave me a thorough head rubbing and the lumps were less swollen.

On Friday I worked with a buddy on his pth sermon. At first he was reluctant but later he asked for for a double check on his pronunciation. I met my Indonesian counterpart but I told him my position is not fixed yet, so it ended early because he's still got a lot to do. At night a neighbor offered to work on my hand again after a months break. I felt embarrassed but he insisted.

On Saturday I had department meeting, talked with a coworker about an ex schoolmate and then attended 1111. At night I was invited to have dinner with Raymond and Sandra Shen who gave a marvelous music fest at night.

On Sunday buddy delivered a good message. I had to attend two prayer meetings, love HK and church prayer, where I met a young man who graduated from. Indiana at the prayer meeting. After heading home for a rest I went out for dinner with a friend returning to Chicago. At night the locksmith repaired my lock and door frame. Later I took Tylenol for a headache before sleeping.

Nov 14, 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Year 2.24

Year 2.24 was a blessed week. On Monday my new coworker neighbor was at the island for a final cleanup before Friday's moving day, so we lad lunch together with another new friend, then had a leisurely walk through the old dilapidated village before we took a look at his rented two room apartment on the 22nd floor. Today I started writing questions to my Creation series, Gen 1-11.  Doris wrote the application questions, so I hope to write the study questions.

Day 2 was the coldest outdoor swimming pool day, 25℃. There were only six swimmers, less than half the usual turned up. I was happy that I completed the first set of Bible study questions from Gen 1:1-2:3. Doris' former questions fitted perfectly.

Wednesday was a sermon day uninterrupted by meetings, so I could further work on Psalm 5, the subject for my next sermon on November 19 before my next day trip to Israel. Summer was not  happy for a former coworker who wanted more  responsibility at our fellowship but got little.

Day 4 was hand treatment. My right hand is better after many months of treatment for carpal tunnel and tennis elbow and weak knees! I met a neighbor on the bus who complained I did not seek him for help on my hand.

On Friday we had a meeting scheduled on my morning off day. I made up for my reluctance to meet by treating myself to a McDonald's breakfast but the line was super long. Dinner was with my laws before fellowship. As usual Doris' sister cooked me some food.

Day 6 was lunch with Couples core. After lunch I got rested and ready for 3pm prestudy. It went well and I got better at leading them. At night a fellowship member Wallace from buddy's fellowship invited me to dinner as well. In return I gave him Doris' blog book and our latest book.

On Sunday I woke to a dream of an exasperatedly smiling  Doris whose cost-conscious sister M refused to go out for buffet with her. I volunteered to pay from my tax and other returns. Church anniversary and the songs we sang were hard on me. The pastor, for the first time, was more compassionate. The young man working on my Grammar Bible had lunch with me as we had a final meeting to tie up lose strings. At night I had dinner with a new friend at kwai fong.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Year 2.23

Year 2.23 resolved a few matters. Monday morning was gym time. At noon I was treated to a sumptuous lunch buffet at an expensive TST lunch by a young AV friend. At night I went to dinner and shop at Tsuen Wan with a USA friend to end the day.

Day 2 I started working feverishly on Psalm 73 for my Sunday sermon, a sermon I had laid aside for many months. It is a text that got my attention after Doris' loss, so I had to worked through it. I was glad I finished my vision statement by today's required date.

Wednesday morning was breakfast with a new believer that went on so smoothly but unfortunately by lunch time I was called to a meeting because of a dispute he had with a counsellor. The meeting lasted three and a half hours, so lunch was postponed. At night I had to talk to a good friend who thought I criticized him when. I asked if a note was "sent wrong(ly)" to me.

Day 4 as usual was a half day. My sermon was taking shape, but I still have to work on the third point and look for illustrations. At night I went for hand treatment. That did not stop me from my daily prayer night walk.

Friday was my last day to finish my sermon because the next day was Chung Yeung holiday, and I had signed up for fellowship outing tomorrow. At night I had progressive dinner at Jordan with a new USA friend, eating wonton, toast n eggs and dessert. Getting home I walked 45 minutes to get the weight off.

The fellowship went to Lai Chi Wo almost the whole day from 8am to 5pm. I know for sure I am getting close to my normal self because I was meeting and greeting all like a pro! The noon nap by the pier helped. The day ended with dinner with buddy couple before heading home.

Sunday morning arrived with an interview from a team of six at 845am. I took it in stride and responded to questions honestly. It ended around 1015am just before my sermon at 11am. The response song 除你以外 to my sermon Psalm 73 brought some tears to my eyes. I had lunch with former coworker Harold. Praise God he was back to his energetic self after a bout with tongue cancer. Dinner with my neighbor and his two kids was cancelled, so I ate curry my sister in-law prepared, which was very good. Doris' sisters had brought flowers in the morning for the festive weekend. At night I was misty-eyed before sleeping.

October 31, 2017

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Year 2.22

Year 2.22 was a very good week for me. On Monday I woke up to a cheery, energetic and positive Doris in my dream, taking medication in her stride, empowering me for the whole week. I had lunch with two good friends, treating them to celebrate my tax return. It was a rainy day but it did nothing to deter me from buying flowers for Doris. My buddy suggested new lilies for a change, so I got some white ones with big petals. I was really pleased with it. Unfortunately my friend's wife had a slipped disc and was hospitalized. I did some writing at the office before heading home.

Day 2 Unknown to me a long meeting was due on Monday. I could get very little done by the end of the day with coworkers meeting looming in the afternoon. I was still figuring out what my next sermon in November should be because I was told a visiting speaker will speak on Micah 6:8 as well, so I got to choose another..

On Wednesday morning I loaned Doris' college journal to BC, which she deeply appreciated, calling Doris her new rntor. I attended a long leaders meeting till 1030pm. Those that stayed behind for the next part did not leave till 1230am. It was a long day because I opted not to stay at home in the morning, but returned to office to do my own writing in the morning.

Day 4 I received an official division letter asking me to write my vision statement in more than 1500 words. The pending challenge of doing three languages is too tricky for any to do, so help me God. I was stuck after 1,000 words.

On Friday I and a colleague met with two reps to see if we could get a temp for college work, which was turned down. We had staff meeting followed by lunch with my predecessor. A young man had dinner with me and gave me a sample of Grammar Bible in app form. It makes me giddy thinking that the book could come out in app sometime soon. I also gave a seven-minute devotion at Couples Fellowship on Barnabas, which turned out really well.

Day 6 was lunch with fellowship staff before a lengthy three hour study, two with pre-prestudy group and one with group leaders. Following a short dinner with a buddy I attended Putonghua Fellowship. The study on Psalm 5 really invigorated me, so I will preach on it next month.

On Sunday the praise team sang 我知道我的救贖者活着, but for the first since Doris' loss I could sing it without tears. Since returning from missions last week I feel  I have recovered significantly. Praise God, now I have energy in the abundance. At night I had dinner with a USA friend in Tsuen Wan and went to the new Ikea there. I watched the tenth episode of OCTB to end the day.

Oct 24, 2017Year 2.22

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Year 2.21

Year 2.21 has been a fascinating week mostly spent teaching abroad. On Monday morning breakfast was at a popular bun QF restaurant near the sixth mouth. A class of 28 students, one audit, was waiting for me. They learned uneasily the grammar rules on the first day. Class ends at 530pm. After dinner with two students I returned to class to sit with a few students there because I did not want to sit alone in the small morel room. Interestingly this is the third generation I am training, having skipped the last generation because I was absent at home with Doris the last three years.

Tuesday was exegeting and preaching the first point in Philemon. The brighter students were two with law background and one from HKU. The audit and two older brother-sister siblings had it rougher. Overall most are unsure but are willing to learn. The two ladies from Greenland with me for dinner told me the first generation student I trained was their pastor's son.Tuesday I spent the evening in class too till 9pm.

The next day was the best. Most remarkably understood what I was doing and how grammar dictates preaching. One student who was worried if she could improve made major progress. So did the rest of the class. A former student took me to dinner and told me he had taught 100 students the grammar rules, 40 at seminary and 40 at missions. Night space was taken by church, so I spent some time at Starbucks, returning 9pm to watch an anti-triad TV series younger coworkers were watching, starring Jordan Chan to counter my boredom.

Day 4 was a fitting end to what I taught them. Most had control of grammar and their preaching. A student who gave me a hard time last night bought three small bags of mixed nuts to call it a truce. I found out one other student's supervisor and leader at Mountland was one of my former students too.

Friday was preaching  day. All had a turn preaching one point. The class went so well that I taught then OT grammar using Obadiah. The class ended at 230pm so I could take an earlier cab to the airport for my 630pm flight. I regretted not taking a book to read for my three hours flight. I reached home at 1030pm to 651 messages! Overall I had three groups with connections to my past teaching, my pride!

Day 6 was back to work after my hand treatment in the morning. Five of us went to lunch. I had to write my leadership statement on a potential new responsibility. At night I had dinner snack with a pth fellowship group I spent the least time with.

The typhoon disrupted Sunday worship for the third time this year. Thankfully the church met the challenge with FB live by the pastor, followed by pth department live. Lunch was with a neighbor coworker followed by tea at the pier After the winds died down I did prayer walk and went to the gym and watch episode three. The biggest thrill was finishing the application questions to the Lent series even though there are six sermons still to be edited.

Oct 17, 2017

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Year 2.20

Year 2.20 was written earlier by two days because of my mission trip to today. Monday was   a public holiday for China National Holiday. I conducted a Bible camp讀經營 for Yuen Long Bread of Life. They were very enthusiastic, ordering 33 Grammar Bibles. At night I treated the Goks and Moks for Vietnamese dinner. At night I found an endearing prayer from Doris found in her college journal:

Day 2 I was supposed to join two coworkers for dinner but my neighbor's wife had kidney infection and was hospitalized, so we cancelled dinner plans because I was the most suitable and nearest helper to care for the kids with mom hospitalized, but my coworkers brought food and joined us for dinner at neighbors home with me babysitting for one short night.

Wednesday was the eve of midautumn festival. My buddy Cheng and his friends Kwan invited me for dinner at a Hakka restaurant in Ta Wai, and dessert after dinner. Their two kids have completed lesson one of their marital counseling sessions. Cheng suffered from bad teeth problems.

Day 4 was lunch and dinner with Chicago friend. Unfortunately we ordered the previous day ticket that expired. At night I joined family for dinner and moon cakes. Today was a special day because my last sermon in Lent series was translated by Seven.

Friday was pth staff meeting. After staff meeting I met my predecessor who was back from USA. We had lots to talk about. Later I prayed with my buddies telling my anxiety about my trip. At night I had dinner with Faith and husband before  attending couples fellowship.

Saturday morning was the worst hand treatment so far. I had lunch with a couples staff after I handed the 33 books to yuen long coworkers. Prestudy was good. USA friend Kenneth and Chang took me out for tea, then a buddy called me for McDonald's before I attended pth fellowship.

Sunday morning was Social concern day. An old song展开清晨的翅膀 from Ps 139 touched me deeply, and I was a little teary-eyed. As I depart on my trip I decided that I might as well eat at airport McDonald's before eating unhealthy local food on the next three days. I suspect my flight would be delayed and there would be tension at the customs office there. I need your prayers to calm my anxiety after four years of missions absence.

Oct 8, 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Year 2.18 was a pleasant week heading into October. On Monday I had lunch buffet with Roger and Peter at Moko, where I ate a lot.  It's no value for money but I took my share of oysters and sashimi. I bought our favorite lilies for Doris simply because of its fragrance. After tea I headed home for noodles.

Day 2 morning was breakfast with new believer. He's got tons of family problems and business decisions to sort out. I do my best to offer principles but I am no answer. Surprisingly the coworkers voted down an item, so we are back to square one to find replacement. Could be a new beginning.

On Wednesday I had dinner with a brother who offered to help turn my grammar Bible into an app. What a great gesture! But we still need graphic designer for the user surface.

Day 4 My coworker  introduced me to a former pastor who might know bahasa. Instead I preached more in bahasa than him. We told him more about our ministry, what we lack and how to apply.

Friday was prayer with my buddies. At night I went with Tom to celebrate Frank's  birthday in our neighborhood as well as show Tom an island apartment. All was well for him except for mosquitoes, but we talked till 10pm.

Day 6 I donated blood morning and the staff checked my high blood pressure for a perfect 125/80 ratio. My lunch company ironically was with four USA coworkers. I also went through 2 Tim 2 with a coworker. My buddy was out of town, so I took his place preaching. My text was Prov. 31 才德的婦人.

The next day was also a preaching day, on Psalm 13 HOW LONG O LORD?
1. Talk to the Master (1-2)
2. Turn Over the Matter (3-4)
3. Trust in His Mercy (5-6)
The response song 不變的應許 was wonderful, bringing a lot of tears to my eyes. After lunch I had coffee with a buddy just to catch up.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Year 2.18

Year 2.18 was back to normal after a frenzy of church activities. On Monday our prayer group had lunch at Prince Edward, near where I can buy flowers for Doris. We spent some time in prayer after lunch. They mercilessly tasked me for gladly taking up leadership despite my verbal resistance. I bought some nice white Kenyan roses for Doris, sturdier than the Kunming roses last week. There was no hurry to return home to swim now that the indoor pool is closed.

Day 2 I had breakfast with Andy to help him with his Sunday sermon to preach at home in front of former USA friends. He will be good in a year's time. At night I had dinner with a new friend at langham and had coffee later to talk about ministry.

On Wednesday I began working on the only sermon left for me the rest of the year, Micah 6:8. It was a task I savor but I was getting nowhere the next three days. Now I know why others' effort at this passage was less than inspiring.

Day 4 I have a half day off  
to finish up on the last of the Kings series and sent it to the editor who says he will reply next month.   My barber buddy is out of town, so I opted to get a $60 mall cut but they would only give me 0.8 mm cut, not bald!

There was no Friday joint fellowship, so I joined a friend for dinner. The day was quite relaxing for a change with more checking on the editing done on my Lent series. Praise God for helpers and their tireless effort.

Day 6 An economic refugee told me his story before entering Hong Kong. I encouraged him to write his story. Today was such a hot day that even the cooling system inside MTR is hot! We had a big group introduction on Psalms for fellowship.

On Sunday afternoon I helped pth fellowship kicked off their first prestudy on Psalms, the first. It was a good study with application from Doris left in her computer. In the evening a coworker sent a song不變的應許 his praise team sang that I can't help but cry listening.
原來哭有時 歡笑有時
更讓我看到 祢的信實
學會保留有時 放手有時
我選擇相信 祢美好不變的應許

September 26, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Year 2.17

Year 2.17 ended with nostalgia for Doris. On Monday I had lunch with leader D and wife lending support to him in his year old position. He is a confident, positive and caring person. The lunch at Lion was good. I can't wait to take coworkers there. I bought ten kunming roses for Doris, but they do not look sprightly.

Day 2 I received a big surprise. A manuscript I had sent two years ago for editing before Doris' loss arrived in the box. An editor had previously asked if I have written anything on  Kings or Chronicles because there is a lack of materials on that historical period. I  patched together 18 chapters but did not think much about it because it was not a priority for publisher or me. Even so two years is a long time but I am not fussy. Rather I am thankful I have three unpublished books with Doris in stock. In the morning I read a coworkers sermon and at night had men's fellowship, which had dropped in attendance now that school has started.

On Wednesday I received a positive reply from the book editor regarding copyright that galvanized me to work: 不同作者不同合作也有不同的, 而一些有年期一些冇年期. At this time in my life I want to free the books, not freeze it.

Day 4 After checking with the editor the previous day I worked on my morning off today and after work on the book till 1am checking minor odds and ends. It is a beauty, no doubt. My place was to finish it in two days.

On Friday I met with good USA friend Michael for lunch. Poor guy, he lost weight. Later I was so excited that I have finished working on the content part of the book with the morning off due noon work today. Also I checked on another coworkers sermon due this Sunday. Near evening I quickly send off the book to attend anniversary night celebrations.

Day 6 it was a busy day. Fellowship prestudy group had lunch followed by two hours of preparation and another hour of  fellowship study. Another good friend from USA came by for dinner, this time eating teochew hand having coffee and even buying clothes. I was pampered for a change and longed for old friends.

Sunday started on the right track. My coworker preached an outstanding sermon. AGM was an emotional affair for me. I could only think of Doris in my tearful outburst with the song 恩典够用 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vYiodNJcFN4
at AGM. I also remember how proud and delighted Doris was of our coworkers the one year she attended when I was out of town.

September 19, 2017