Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Year 2.43

Year 2.43 ended with a surprise. On Monday I had lunch with two youths at our favorite BBQ restaurant in sheung wan. Then we head to the Sun Yat Sun museum, which was eye-opening. Back at church AH and I prayed.

Day 2 I had to do a talk on   Peer Support to Prevent Burnout. The talk turned out well, but I am happy to free my time for other talks. Besides I had to get going on next week's message on Philippians 2.

Wednesday began with  breakfast where a man told me a story of how his yacht was struck by lightning to change his name to Jacob. I then visited a friend who texted me for help to move overseas. Later at a leaders' meeting we got sort out who's doing what with many sick or injured lately. At night I picked up a colleague who asked me to join him in Taiwan for a free holiday. I hesitated but hilariously bumped into a good USA friend at HK airport who was heading to Taiwan too, so I decided to go with them! The iOS version of 文法聖經 debuted with my ABCK friend's hand as my model.

Day 4 I had breakfast with the USA friend I bumped into yesterday and did some writing before I headed to church. I got hand treatment.

On Friday my mentor Herman was in town. He'll be at ABS over two months. At night I led a short devotion on the last of three messages on Barnabas.

Day 6 I woke up to a dream of Doris, who asked Why are you not folding your undergarments? Lunch was with Lo from Canada and his successor. I was so behind with next week's message that I skipped prestudy led by another person. At night I joined young families fellowship and heard a testimony by Jas.

Sunday was second last Sunday class followed by sermon at North point. Reluctantly I wore sneakers because I was heading to Taiwan to join my friends last minute for HK$2k. On the plane I saw Hacksaw Ridge. My USA friend took me to Shin Yeh near Hyatt where we stayed. A grand meal followed by coffee at eslite ended the day.

Mar 20, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Year 2.42

Year 2.42 was a week of record breaking dreams. On Monday was revival meeting on my day off but I listened dedicatedly to the heartfelt speakers. At lunch I went to have Vietnamese with Js and bought flowers for Doris followed by chiro. At night my neighbor treated island coworkers for dinner before his wife leaves in a weeks time to SF.

Day 2 Some invited me for lunch to talk about language headcount but ended with church baton, to which I gave my input. Some wanted to continue the talk but I had to rest for a meeting ahead. My hand was slightly better.

On Wednesday I did not go leaders' prayer because I need to support pth revivals. My day was as busy because I had a language meeting later.
Day 4 I woke to my first dream of Doris. A group of us including Billy was hanging out with much fun followed by buying movie tickets. Someone asked me for my ticket money, but I asked, How about Doris? The person said she paid for hers only, so I was shocked. She came smiling sheepishly knowing she had so much fun she forgot about me but I love her smile. Before lunch I had a spirited MTR travel with Some to the revivals, followed by organizers' lunch with speakers and a return trip to coffee missions talk with a rep. Later I got a hand massage.
Friday was my next dream. Doris wanted to go the festival of praise for the great food there. I had lunch with another fellowships leaders. They were so kind to treat us three musketeers for new year lunch. Dinner was with relatives at a quieter D2.

Day 6 was department lunch with departing music leader. How to move the fellowship forward is an issue. Night was fellowship rest after revivals meetings.

On Sunday I had my third dream, this time looking for Doris at the beach. I asked Bud 2 to cover the hills. She had a distinctive cup with her, so my coworker R helped me to check the cups, but unfortunately he found an interesting cup and decided to check the internet for its history. I attended prayer meeting after church and had dinner hotpot with youths that ended past 10.

March 13, 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Year 2.41

Year 2.41 ended well after a lot of financial commotion. Monday was a visit to Dr Chou who diagnosed me with tenosynovitis and I later joined the Cheng's who were celebrating their 29,the anniversary. My bad, but I bought a nice pot of orchid for them.

Day 2 was cny lunch at work. during my prayer walk I bumped into our island minister who demonstrated a stretching exercise for my hand.

Wednesday morning was leaders meeting. It was unusually early at 10am till 3pm. I skipped the next language meeting. At night neighbor coworker invited me for dinner.

Day 4 I went to chiropractor early at 9am but bumped into a frontier friend nearby who invited me to visit the office

Friday I had dinner with relatives before attending fellowship together. At least I got home early for prayer walk.

Day 6 was another problematic language meeting that started at 930am and didn't end till at least 2pm, but I got away at 1230pm for lunch and pre, prestudy. The worker had lots to work on and deal with.

Sunday I had lunch with paul and wife and Andrew. town hall ended well and we had drinks at pow wow. At night I invited local minister to join neighbor coworker for snacks.

March 3, 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Year 2.40

Year 2.40 was much lighter with cny in the fourth day, but Monday was big. Ten pth youth came by the island for swimming, hiking and BBQ. In one day we bonded. All are awaiting Easter.

Day 2 I was so tired after cny holidays that I took compensation morning. The rest of the day was no less busy but at least I could breathe a little easier. We had good coworker sharing for a change.

Wednesday was a long day, but at least bud cut my hair for Doris' day tomorrow. I also cancelled language meeting because two were absent. My coworker agreed. The leaders night meeting was long on debate and crowded by issues that I missed the 1am bus and took the 145am bus home. Insane.

Day 4 was 21 months without Doris, so I got her some roses and our group had lunch nearby flower Street, but big boner did not taste as good as the first time last week. My hand treatment was postponed to Saturday morning.

Friday fellowship was house meeting, so I did not have to attend. I started working on James 2 message. The rest of the night was prayer walk and editing my mourning talk.

Day 6 began with swimming, breakfast, and then hand treatment. Sister 3 came by to take away Doris' photocopy notes and put her books in a box. At noon I finished editing the translated talk. At noon I had lunch with my Indonesian counterpart to understand my challenges. I had fellowship at night and talked to a leader about the direction of fellowship.

Sunday school had two invited guest including an Elderly. They had a great time, but we missed an important worship item. The leaders coworkers retreat in the afternoon was a hit. I slept going home but was surprised to find English friends at the clubhouse at night. The TV movie In the Woods was worthwhile to watch.

Feb 26, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Year 2.39

Year 2.39 was a sorrowful week interrupted by the new year. On Monday I rushed to donate blood with news that 1,000 had lined up day before. I was no. 21 lining up nearly two hours to give 450 cc in six mins ten seconds. Later I had lunch with a youth nearby and after that saw my chiropractor.

Day 2 began with Elderly breakfast. The friend decided to join my Philippians Sunday school. The funeral for collapsed runner was at night. His daughter wrote an original and most beautiful song for her dad.

Wednesday was filled with grief at the cremation service as mother and daughter clung to each other after pressing the cremation button. At night I joined relatives for dinner and birthday as well.

Day 4 was a good day as I joined Kwan and buddy for cny eve dinner. Kwan did ask me why my voice had changed, which I found out in the morning. I was thankful I paid off my HK taxes and monthly tithe before cny arrived.

On Friday morning I went to our favorite TC coffee place, then visited B in hospital bringing Japanese strawberries. I had a satisfying big boner breakfast for lunch and got flowers for Doris from three stores that opened in Flower Lane then returned with Vietnamese noodles for her dinner before I joined S fanily for dinner because his in-laws are out of town.

Day 6 I dreamed sweetly of Doris the last hour of my sleep. I tried to touch her nose to see if the dream was true. Doris asked me, What are you doing? I said, To see if all is real. I'm happy to see you. She said, 無搞. She was wearing her old wedding banquet dress. At night I was back to relatives' place for 開年飯.

Sunday's sermon turned out better than I thought after a few restless days working on it. I also thank God I was not infected by my language prayer partner who was hospitalized for acute virus. No wonder my voice changed the next day after praying with him on Wednesday. I went to Peak with youth and friends to remember my days walking on new year third day with Doris.

初五 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Year 2.38

Year 2.38 was teary week. On Monday I decide to see a doctor to get 燒染葯then had a good lunch at the island, walked to the old pier and park hilltop, where I sat a while where Doris and I sat previously. I rested so I can see Mad Show 2 at Baptist University, but the trains were so packed that I decided to take a cab in vain for thirty minutes.

Day 2 I had coffee breakfast and was focused on my mourning talk for collapsed runner's fellowship. Later I went to see a chiropractor. The mood got to me that I cried at dinner with another buddy.

On Wednesday pth department had birthday lunch aand I wrapped up my talk preparation by reading a year of my old blog which brought back a lot of old but fresh memories. I had a smooth language meeting before I went to my second week of acupuncture.

Day 4 I woke up to a better hand after acupuncture twice and taking anti inflammation drugs. Doris' sisters came by to clean the house for chinese new year! The talk was supposed to be an hour long but I spoke two hours but none left. It must be my best talk done in ten short days. Many wept with me. The night was not over with budget review that ended 11pm.

Friday was okay, with the talk ending last night, so I had coffee and bagel. Only night dinner with relatives and fellowship were left.

Saturday was flat but I had Wang yongxin memorial service to attend, coworker sermon to check, department CDR, buddy dinner and fellowship to attend.

Sunday I had two CDRs and attended prayer meeting with tears when we prayed for a coworker who lost her husband. At night I had dinner with a youth who took three chairs home for me.

February 13, 2018

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Year 2.37 was a cold week. On Monday the leaders' retreat was a good step to bond with others. I cried with a coworker who wept for the burden of coworkers. We have much to work on. On the way back to church i joined my USA friend for snacks unexpectedly because he had not had dinner.

Day 2 was a busy breakast day with two youngsters, one in college and one in seminary. Our first LCD coworkers meeting was held, followed by farewell lunch for Chi friend. We were all glad there was no meeting for fifth Tuesdays. I received an awkward request: "Hi Victor, our fellowship Core Team wish to ask if you will be willing to come to the fellowship and share with us your mourning experience and how you walk out of your mourning during our fellowship time on 8 Feb (next Thursday)." Our language minister unexpectedly asked me to preach on Sunday even though I only agreed to do Communion previously. This is culture shock and language gap.

On Wednesday I was glad for no leaders meeting for fifth week because I have to work on the mourning talk and language sermon. Still I had language meeting at 3 and chiropractor appointment at 4. It was the shortest language meeting we had to show we are improving.

Day 4 I was supposed to attend a language seminar but a departing friend next day wanted to have breakfast, so I was late. My morning was day off but I seldom get to take it nowadays. Thursday noon was unexpected acupuncture next door and evening was hand massage.

On Friday morning I had impromptu breakfast with Josh an overseas broadcast company leader and then joined the language seminar for lunch. I heard later from buddy's wife that he could not find me whole day. Glad he's recovered though. Night is dinner with relatives before fellowship.

Day 6 is lunch with another buddy and seminar folks, then prestudy where I don't have to lead for a change. Soon  it was fellowship but I was tired out.

Sunday's Indonesian sermon turned out well. It should be acceptable
with a few more chances since this is my fifth. A missionary thanked me for half sponsoring his plane trip. I waited for pth youth for hotpot at my place till 1040 pm. A friend gave me some lilies, which I gladly accepted. It's good to know they can handle the chores since my hand is weak.

February 6, 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Year 2.36

Year 2.36 was as sad as it could get because of a friend's loss. Monday was lunch with two youths. I paid for lunch to teach them to pay it forward. After lunch I got a haircut for the 18th month of Doris' loss. Next was to meet up with a buddy to visit the husband of a friend whose life was in the balance at the hospital.

Day 2 I wanted to return to the hospital but there were too many visitors already. The day went by grievously for me with the man still in coma. At night I uploaded all my 2017 sermons online.

Wednesday morning  came with the news that the doctors had called the family in for latest news. I ended my morning breakfast when news broke that the collapsed runner could not make it. I cried a lot with the family and coworkers. The rest of the day was glum but I had language meeting and a chiropractor appointment.

The next day we had Thai lunch for USA intern who was leaving. I forgot about it and had to take a taxi. We had good fellowship.

Friday was a busy day. We had lunch with a previous staff, then met with Some, addressed another family's inheritance issue and then joined fellowship dinner with relatives.

Day 6 I had to attend late lunch with Peter T who knew me previously, unknown to me. They bought 20 disciple books to take home. At night I attended fellowship but had dinner with USA intern.

Sunday was a sad day for me at leaders retreat where I cried my heart out for Remy, Doris And Kevin.

January 30, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Year 2.35

Year 2.35 was a sad week because a friend's family member's life is in peril. On Monday I had lunch with USA friend and young fellowship friend at Moko. The location was near the  flower store where I buy flowers for Doris. We also visited a friend's favorite coffee place Hay nearby. At night I had dinner with buddy and wife. I got the dinner because he's still nursing the ankle sprain.

Day 2 I woke up to a weird dream of my first church pastor in HK that was not meaningful except that the person has aged. The morning was at Chinese chiropractor where I was charged $700 for one hour 15 mins. I had to start translating my Bahasa sermon for coming Sunday.

Wednesday morning was breakfast with business man J. He is growing well in faith but I am no help in his ventures, except for basic principles. At noon was a shorter than usual but greatly improved language meeting. At night was leaders' meeting that ended earlier, thankfully reaching home by midnight.

Day 4 was hand massage day followed by 馬友組 dinner hosted by our village neighbor. After dinner we talked and strolled from 9pm.

Friday morning I had a talk with language coworker to see how things are going. At night we had an on time 交職禮 for once.

Saturday I almost messed up the time for an important Couples affair. All went well because I was in the premises for an earlier mweting and did not miss anything. At night I left early because there was no fellowship.

Sunday came with the news a runner I know had collapsed. I was sad because his wife is in our lunch group, so I decided to visit her at the hospital, along with some coworkers. I caught a last train 12:28am back on the red line and stopped a fight between two rowdy passengers. Too brave, I must add!

January 23, 2018

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Year 2.34

Year 2.34 was mostly stable. On Monday I took two young adults out for lunch but it was drizzling. A friend from SF failed to show up for a three people dinner, so I cancelled to get more rest. At the office Buddy sprained his ankle badly and the next day the doctor said he had fractured his leg.

Day 2 morning was spent at the Chinese chiropractor. His client was late, so he worked two hours on me for a hefty $1200 bill, plus another $240 for medication! The jump the last two weeks was from $300 to $600 and then to$1200!

Wednesday group leaders irked me. Some said nobody covered me to volunteer and pound said I can let go. Late noon was language meeting. As usual my role was to solve problems, so far so good in airing things out. At night I did a wedding rehearsal but things were whacky because the groom got the time wrong.

Day 4 morning was breakfast with USA friend who was a badminton enthusiast. I rushed to get lunch for buddy with two coworkers, buying lunch for him and wife. We stayed till 4pm. At night I had impromptu hotpot dinner at home with guest Benny and USA friend.

On Friday i took over buddy's sermon group as he was resting his feet at home. All were glad to be dismissed half an hour later. At night after dinner with in-law I returned home tired, skipping fellowship.

Day 6 was department lunch and meeting. All went well under new leadership, which I am pleased. At noon buddy asked if I could do benediction for him since the two pastors were sick. At night I received news of disciplinary problems to deal with the next day.

The next day's first Sunday school got off to a roaring start. The students were excited, but they moan knowing there's no apple app for 文法聖經. The English sermon response was good. The discipline meeting was ok. At night we had dinner with a coworker's wife who returned from USA cancer treatment.

Thank you Jesus.

January 16, 2018